Modern Wellness Reimagined

Gemthera multipurpose mats offer solutions for modern wellness needs. Makes it a perfect combination for physical therapy, chiropractic therapy and holistic medicine.

  • Far Infrared Therapy

    Unlike traditional heating mat, which the heat only can reach the superficial area of the skin. Far-infrared heat is able to penetrate up to 2 inches deep into the tissues for greater therapeutic effects. Diffuse and soothing heat melts the pain away instantly.

  • Hot Stone Therapy

    Enchanted by massage therapists and pain management specialists, hot stone therapy provides extremely soothing and relaxing experiences to the treated area.

  • Photon Light Therapy

    Also known as red light therapy or soft laser therapy. It's thought to stimulate mitochondria to improve skin condition and lymphatic system. it's a valuable tool to added for skin care and detoxication. 

  • Negative Ion Therapy

    Tourmaline and amethyst stones are well known as good generator of negative ions. Negative ions combat harmful free radicals to decrease inflammation when they get absorbed into the body.

  • Magnetic Therapy

    Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, frequency of 8 Hz similar to the earth frequency. PEMF has been approved by FDA for it's safety and effectiveness in treating variety of health conditions for decades.

  • Gem Chakra Therapy

    Help bring chakras into their natural and harmonic balance for spiritual and physical wellbeing. When crystals placed on body, their energy synchronize with body chakras to improve Qi and energy flow.


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