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5-in-1 Gemstone PEMF Infrared Mat

5-in-1 Gemstone PEMF Infrared Mat

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PEMF Feature

Advanced multipurpose biomat with the best price to its value. Affordable biomat therapy. Designed for full body use in wellness routine, particularly helpful for joint pain, poor sleep and fatigue. 

This mat is easily converted for different purposes: infrared heating therapy, PEMF (pulse electromagnetic field therapy), negative ion therapy, photon light therapy... to boost your aura, enjoy the health benefits  all in the comfort of your own home. Highly customizable yet simple, easy to use. 


  • Biomat infrared therapy device
  • Temperature setting controller and timer
  • Heating feature: 
    • Far infrared therapy
    • Hot stone therapy
    • Accupressure massage therapy 
    • Negative ion therapy

  • PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy), 8 hz (optional)
  • Photon light therapy

Can customize the preferred therapy based on individual's needs. Each feature works independently or in combination with others, comes with a controller with a display for time and temperature setting.

Electromagnetic therapy devices California, made by FDA registered manufacturer


  • Help to manage pain
  • Improve microcirculation
  • Revitalize energy
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Promote skin wellness
  • Help for relaxation
  • Chakra cleanse, detoxification
  • Promote spiritual and physical wellbeing 


    • Dimensions: 24 x 70 x 1.2 Inches, 24 lbs
    • Can set exact temperature and timing (80 F to 158F, up to 8 hours)
    • Gemstones type:
      • Crush tumble gemstones (100% natural): Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Chalcedony, Green Aventurine, Yellow Agate, Gold Jade, Red Jasper,
      • Disks (3-cm diameter): Tourmaline and jade
    • 24 pieces photon light
    • 21 functional layers made with high quality materials
    • EMF free
    • Valuable package comes with complimentary cover sheet, a controller with a display for time and temperature setting. pemf therapy mat for sale.

How to use it:

It’s suggested to start with single feature at low setting then gradually increase the temperature and time. It is very important to drink at least 8-10 oz of pure/mineral water before and after the session. Proper nutritional support and supplements are also helpful in conjunction with Gemthera therapies.

PEMF feature is not recommended for the following conditions: pregnancy/body implant/bleeding disorder/cancer/hyperthyroid 

Delivery time: 4-7 days



    • Crush tumble gemstones (100% natural)
    • Faux leather

    Shipping & Returns

    Shipping within 1-2 business days, delivery in 5 days in US. 45 days return

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Amazing mat

    My entire family loves this mat. They were so accomidating when the remote broke and shipped a new one asap. It's helped me heal fibromyalgia, hashimotos symptoms, my aging dog feels so much better after using it, my children all have quiet time with it. And it is beautiful, to boot, it adds such a beautiful ambiance to my room and folds up perfectly to store. I wish I had a permanent space where we could keep it set up.

    Lorie Weldon
    Worth the cost

    Great way to start and end a day relaxing on the infrared mat. Mat arrived quickly and as expected.

    Carol Gonzalez
    Highly recommended

    The mat works great and it's beautifully made. Nice piece of home décor beside being wellness device, highly recommended

    Miriam, R
    Great product!

    The mat arrived sooner than I expected. It was beautifully made! Couldn't wait to try in such cold weather and the heat was so gentle and soothing. Haven't tried the PEMF feature yet, will leave the feedback after try it