Pulsed Magnetic Therapy (PEMF)

Gemthera adapts mother nature's frequency, 7.8 Hz

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has been approved by the FDA for safety and effectiveness to treat various conditions for decades. Based upon reports from clinical research and experience from medical expertise, PEMF clearly has beneficial effects on chronic pain as well as a wide range of other medical conditions that are difficult to treat by conventional means. It has gained popularity and adopted in the wellness industry due to its safety and effectiveness. Some PEMF enthusiasts believe PEMF is one of the essential elements for life. 

There are many frequencies made in different PEMF devices; however, there’s no  clinical research able to conclude which one has the best health effect. In Gemthera, we believe the frequency comes from mother nature is the best for the human body. The fundamental frequency in earth is 7.8 hz, which is the one chosen to make our PEMF mat.

Dr Oz recommended PEMF therapy for chronic inflammation and pain: