1. Do all gemstone mats have chakra balance effect?
Answer:  No. Only rainbow chakra gemstone mat can balance the body chakras to improve energy flow. In order to do so, the 7 chakras of human body needs to synchronize with the gemstones that have similar vibrational properties. Rainbow chakra mat is designed with 7 well-known crystals that can align the major chakras.     
Is the heating pattern the same from Gemthera mat and regular heating mat?
Answer: Gemthera mat generates even heating patterns with deep and penetrating effects to improve overall wellness. Regular heating mat only make snake patterns with superficial heat that has minimal value for overall wellness.  
  1.  What's the shipping and return policy? All products under gemstone mat line offer free shipping and 30-day return. For more details please refer to Shipping, Return and Warranty Policy.  
  2.  Does Gemthera mat come with cover? Yes, all the gem mat products come with complimentary covers and carrying bag within the package; additionally, PEMF tester is also included in the PEMF product.