16 functional layers illustration

Gemthera heating mat is made with 16 functional layers to serve the purpose of EMF free mat for pulse electromagnetic field therapy, heating system.

The surface of the mat consists of pounds of 7 rainbow gemstones, tourmaline disks and photon lights, deliver hot stone, far-infrared, negative ions and photon light therapies. 

The bio-magnetic therapy (PEMF) system is designed with precision engineering, lays between the protected layers and wires.

16 functional layers: 

  • High Quality synthetic leather surface 
  • High Quality Mesh for stone showing
  • Inside crystals
  • 7 natural kind of gemstones for transferring natural infrared rays
  • Heating System
  • Waterproof & Thermal Preservation Complex Aluminum Film
  • Nonwoven Fabric For heating Wire Fix
  • EMF Interception Copper Winding with Silicone
  • Teflon Heating Wire
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Bimetal to test temperature and prevent overheating
  • Pure Aluminum Film for Reflection of Infrared Ray
  • Nonwoven Fabric Layer for Heat Preservation
  • VLF wave Bio-Magnetic Therapy(PEMF)
  • Compressed Non-Woven Cotton forThermal Protection
  • Bottom materials: High Quality Durable Materials.